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Drop In Centre

Our Drop-in centre provides access to mainstream services to the Deaf Community of Lanarkshire. This consists of making phone calls to Doctors, Hospitals, Social Work Deptments, and any other public service provider. The Drop in Centre also provides a service which will translate day to day letters into BSL (British Sign Language) for the local Deaf Community. We do not charge for this part of our service.

Please note this service is provided free to the Deaf Community of Lanarkshire ONLY.

Interpreting Agency

Our Agency is registered with SRLPDC and will only use SRLPDC registered, Qualified, and Trainee interpreters, for any bookings. Our Interpreters have many years experience of working within the Deaf Community.

We recognise the right of choice to a preferred Interpreter and will be happy to book the Deaf person’s choice of Interpreter providing they are registered with a national body such as SRLPDC or NRCPD. Whilst we charge for our Sign Language Interpreting service we continue to provide a free Interpreting service for Funerals; Weddings: & Christenings for the Lanarkshire Deaf Community.


We support a number of Deaf Groups;

- Woman Craft Group  - Monday 12pm - 3pm 

- Women's Bingo Group - Tuesday 12pm - 3pm

- Men's Domino Group - Wednesday 12pm - 3pm

- Coatbridge Deaf Club - Friday 6pm - 9pm 


Deaf Awareness

We regularly run deaf awareness seminars for businesses and service providers in and around Lanarkshire.

We also provide bespoke Deaf Awareness sessions on request.

The aim of a Deaf Awareness session is to provide a wider understanding of the barriers and issues faced by Deaf people in their daily lives. Deaf Services Lanarkshire recommend that people who wish to learn British Sign Language attend a Deaf Awareness session first.

Contact us to find out how we could support you/ your team.

Hard of Hearing Support

If you know someone who is Hard of Hearing or who has a Hearing loss, please come along to our weekly networking group. Please see all details in poster attached on our home page. The main aim of this group is to reduce isolation and to provide information on how to cope with communication difficulties.


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