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About Us

With our expertise in delivering community-based services, we aim to remove the barriers to communication for Deaf People throughout Lanarkshire. Our staff consists of one part time SQA admin worker and one part time admin assistant, who is also a trainee interpreter. We also have a Centre Manager and an SQA Coordinator

 We have 3 qualified British Sign Language Interpreters.


Our Interpreters have many years experience working with Deaf people.  

We work closely with our local voluntary organisations and community groups.

Deaf Services Lanarkshire also work closely with our local Deaf community groups including Coatbridge Deaf Club.


If you live in Lanarkshire please feel free to come and visit our office anytime between 10am - 4 pm Monday to Wednesday.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Meet Our Staff

Kirsty Foy 
SQA Administrator

Kirsty has shown her commitment to working with the Deaf community. Kirsty Commenced training with Deaf Services 6 years ago and is currently completing her PDA in Deaf Studies. Kirsty will be an asset to supporting students going through training due to her own experiences.

Eddie McLuskey 
Co Founder, Trustee
& SQA Coordinator


Eddie is a retired teacher. His knowledge of SQA Qualifications has greatly assisted DSL  in the  provision of Sign Language Courses. These courses are from Beginners level to fully Qualified Sign Language Interpreter.


Eddie joined the Deaf community in 1982 through his marriage to his wife Liz. Whilst Eddie has limited Signing skills he is truly an accepted member of the local Deaf Community. 


Rosie Beveridge
Trainee Interpreter / Admin Assistant


Rosie is a Trainee interpreter who is registered with SRLPDC.. She was also born into the Deaf community as she has family members who are Deaf. Rosie has particular of working with experience with Deafblind people.  Rosie is currently working towards full registration status as a Sign Language Interpreter

Sylvia Website photo.jpg
Sylvia McPhillips
Service Manager

Sylvia is a Child of Deaf Adults and has a previously worked with Deaf Children in Donaldson's.

Sylvia was a house mother and manager when she worked there.
Sylvia also worked as a social work assistant in the Edinburgh area supporting Deaf people.

Sylvia has managed a variety of services and also works with SRLPDC as a CPD assessor. 


Sylvia joined our team in August 2023.


Meet Our Interpreters

Elizabeth McLuskey 
Co Founder &
Principal Interpreter


Liz McLuskey has been part of the Deaf Community since birth. Liz started her professional career working with Deaf people in 1986.


She worked as a Social Work Assistant for the Deaf. She was based in McIver House in Glasgow until 1995.

Since 1995 Liz has worked as a Sign Language Interpreter.

Over the years Liz has become a familiar face within the Deaf Community of Scotland

Wilma Watt
Sign Language Interpreter

Like Liz, Wilma has been part of the Deaf Community since birth. Wilma started her professional career working with Deaf people in 1995.


She worked as a Sign Language Interpreter at Glasgow City Council Interpreting Service until 2011. Wilma became a valued member of our team in April 2011.​.

zoe website photo.jpg
Zoe Harvey  
 Sign Language Interpreter

Zoe was born into the Deaf community and is the youngest member of our team.

Zoe joined Deaf Services Lanarkshire after leaving school in 2015. Zoe is now a fully qualified/registered interpreter with SRLPDC. 

Zoe is now a familiar face within the Deaf Community of Lanarkshire.

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