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SQA British Sign Language Courses Run from August to June every year

We are an SQA approved Centre and all of our Sign Language tutors and internal verifiers have recognised qualifications .


Deaf Services Lanarkshire is committed to using only Deaf Sign Language Tutors, which enhances our students learning. The best tuition any candidate can expect to receive is from a native user of Sign Language.

All our Candidates can be assured of a positive and fun experience while learning British Sign Language.


We at Deaf Services Lanarkshire offer a comprehensive range of support to all candidates who enrol on Sign Language Courses:


Support is provided in a range of options which can include /One to One tuition/ phone / Video call or email.  Candidates will have the opportunity, during their courses to meet members of the Deaf community.  Our Staff have wide experience in working with the Deaf community.


There is always someone on hand to provide guidance and advice to students who wish to progress towards the next level of qualification.


Candidates who have previous qualifications in BSL (British Sign Language) will be asked to demonstrate their ability before joining the next level.


Our Sign Language Courses follow the Academic Year from Aug – June.




Any candidate applying to start at Levels 2, 3 and above will require to have a short skills test to ensure they have the potential to complete the course. 

For further information please contact Kirsty or Eddie on 01236 604808 or

For more information regarding enrolment and induction dates, please get in touch.

Courses Available from Aug 2023:

SCQF Level 4 (Level 1) (PDF Details)


BSL/English Interpreter Qualification (SCQF Level 10)  

For more information please contact us

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