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Drop in service 

We are open for the Deaf community needing support with letters, phone calls and booking appointments.
You must make an appointment first by text: 07806497562


The best tuition any candidate can expect to receive is from a native user of Sign Language.

Deaf Services Lanarkshire is committed to using only Deaf Sign Language Tutors which enhances our students learning.

British Sign Language Courses

Special Announcement

Deaf Services Lanarkshire is pleased to announce that our British Sign Language courses are due to commence in August 2023. 

Enrolment will take place on:

Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th August 2023
Between 6pm & 8pm  in our centre.

If you cannot attend the enrolment please contact us by email

Our email is: 

Registered agency



(SRLPDC) is the only Scottish Registering body in Scotland for British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters.

BSL/English interpreters facilitate communication between Deaf BSL users and hearing people who do not use BSL

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